Canista    Can–ista

Prefix  Can-

From the word Cannabis

Suffix –ista Suffix

-ista m. and f.

  1. -ista; one who follows a principle. Example: optimista (“optimist”)
  2. Indicates one that practices a profession of the noun stem;

Canista sometimes spelled cannista


Coined by Jeff Strouse of XLNT3 in 2009. It is a combination of Cannbis and the Italian or Spanish suffix: -ista. Compares to other -ista neologisms such as barista, Sandinista, Peronista, Guardianista,   Fashionista


Kan ee-stah

Rhymes: -ɪstə


Canista plural  canistas

  1. A person who is fluent and knowledgeable to a professional level in the area of Cannabis production, identification, grading, effects, etc
  2. Also referred to as a “Bud Tender” although that term does not encompass the true meaning of the job.

See also http://canista.org


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